Texas A&M seals partnership on biodegradable plastics research

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) – Researchers at a lab in the Texas A&M College of Sciences are teaming up with Teysha Technologies in the United Kingdom to expand research and production of biodegradable polymers.

“[Teysha] is sending money back to the lab where we’ve been working on this for a decade,” said Ashlee Jahnke, the assistant research scientist for the project.

Jahnke explains on First News at Four that, unlike plastics common today, this Texas A&M-developed plastic can degrade simply with moisture.

“So, if you drop this in the ocean, it would dissolve completely within 5-10 years,” said Jahnke—and with no environmental harm done to the species around it. Plus, each plastic sample can be developed differently to last a different amount of time, or “for its useful life.”

Research and development will continue, however, Jahnke says it’s time for the product to start its journey to the marketplace. That’s where Teysha Technologies comes in, working to eventually put Texas A&M’s biodegradable plastic into the things we buy every day.

For the full conversation with Jahnke, see the video player above. For more on the researcher, see the article from Texas A&M Today in the Related Links.

Link to the original article – https://www.kbtx.com/content/news/Texas-AM-seals-partnership-to-reduce-plastics-pollution-563876811.html

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