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Call for change in cosmetic microplastics

A specialist in the development of biodegradable polymers from natural sources is calling on the cosmetics industry to reduce its use of conventional polymers, which contribute towards global plastic pollution. The company, Teysha Technologies, is in talks with several global cosmetic brands to discuss the use of its biodegradable biopolymers as an additive to reduce environmentally damaging […]

Is polymer research the answer to plastic substitutes?

From paper straws and cotton bags to paper composite drinks cartons and glass bottles, environmental concerns have driven several changes in the food and packaging industry, in recent years. Many of these shifts have emerged as a knee-jerk reaction to consumer anti-plastic sentiment, but these abrupt alterations are not as environmentally-sound as they might first […]

Why Manufacturers Should Really Know What It Means to Embrace Bioplastics

Look past the media hype around bioplastics and it’s difficult to know where to really start. What is a bioplastic? What is biodegradability? Are bioplastics ready for the mainstream? These may seem like innocuous questions, but the reality is not so straightforward. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, director at industrial parts supplier EU Automation, sheds light on what manufacturers […]

London-based Teysha Technologies raises £1.2m

Bioplastics company Teysha Technologies has successfully raised £1.2m of investment, supported by Angel Investment Network (AIN), the world’s largest online angel investing platform. London-based Teysha has created a patented, renewable, fully biodegradable plastic substitute, using waste from landfill to creating polymers for hundreds of different applications. The fundraise was carried out on the AIN platform, […]

Texas A&M & Teysha Technologies Team Up to Advance Research into Sustainable Polycarbonate

As perhaps is the case with several of you, our team returned from K 2019 last week with quite a bit of news both in terms of trends in the plastics industry—namely, sustainability and the ‘Circular Economy’—as well as actual product launches. The latter, when it came to materials and additives, oftentimes was directly linked to […]

Texas A&M seals partnership on biodegradable plastics research

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) – Researchers at a lab in the Texas A&M College of Sciences are teaming up with Teysha Technologies in the United Kingdom to expand research and production of biodegradable polymers. “[Teysha] is sending money back to the lab where we’ve been working on this for a decade,” said Ashlee Jahnke, the assistant […]

Solving The Plastics Problem

Research from Texas A&M and Teysha Technologies aims to reduce plastics pollution through the development of biodegradable polymers. Texas A&M chemist Karen Wooley holds a Texas-shaped sample of her team’s biodegradable natural polymer that could prove to be a game-changer for the world’s plastics pollution problem, currently estimated in excess of 10 million metric tons […]

Could bioplastics reduce the amount of single-use plastic?

Ashlee Jahnke, director of research at plastic substitute specialist, Teysha Technologies, explains how a breakthrough in bioplastics could help to reduce the amount of single-use plastic. While the professional healthcare industry has existed in some form for the last 200 years, manmade plastic was only invented in 1907 and was only introduced to the medical […]

Dr Ashlee Jahnke

The science of solving the ‘plastic problem’: Creating a palatable journey from petrochemicals to bioplastics Dr Ashlee Jahnke, Head of Research at Teysha Technologies, explains how the company has developed a polymer platform that uses natural building blocks, which may offer a palatable journey from petrochemicals to bioplastics. Read more