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Texas A&M & Teysha Technologies Team Up to Advance Research into Sustainable Polycarbonate

As perhaps is the case with several of you, our team returned from K 2019 last week with quite a bit of news both in terms of trends in the plastics industry—namely, sustainability and the ‘Circular Economy’—as well as actual product launches. The latter, when it came to materials and additives, oftentimes was directly linked to […]

Texas A&M seals partnership on biodegradable plastics research

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) – Researchers at a lab in the Texas A&M College of Sciences are teaming up with Teysha Technologies in the United Kingdom to expand research and production of biodegradable polymers. “[Teysha] is sending money back to the lab where we’ve been working on this for a decade,” said Ashlee Jahnke, the assistant […]

Solving The Plastics Problem

Research from Texas A&M and Teysha Technologies aims to reduce plastics pollution through the development of biodegradable polymers. Texas A&M chemist Karen Wooley holds a Texas-shaped sample of her team’s biodegradable natural polymer that could prove to be a game-changer for the world’s plastics pollution problem, currently estimated in excess of 10 million metric tons […]