Monthly Archives: February 2019

Could Teysha’s tuneable bioplastic change the packaging industry?

Teysha Technologies has launched a new technology platform capable of producing eco-friendly bioplastics that can be chemically ‘tuned’ to meet specific requirements. Teysha’s head of research, Dr Ashlee Jahnke, explains the implications of the company’s breakthrough.    Unlike common plastics derived from petroleum-based sources, bioplastics are derived from renewable biomass products such as vegetable oils or agricultural […]

Solving the plastic problem with biopolymers

Two scientists from Teysha Technologies discuss how organic material can now be turned into a viable plastic substitute In this interview, we talk to two scientists from Teysha Technologies, Prof Karen L. Wooley, Chief Technology Officer and Dr Ashlee A. Jahnke, Project Research Scientist about solving the plastic problem with biopolymers, including how organic biomass […]